It is amazing to me that articles written by a Democrat socialist would see the light of day. Edger Allen Beem, who really should be called “moonbeam,” is a known hack. His only claim to fame is his ability to put words together in such a way that Democrat lies are supported.

Moonbeam hates Donald Trump. He is offended by Trump’s success and his appointment, with the help of Susan Collins, of conservative justices who will interpret our constitution as written.

His recent attack on Sen. Collins is a case in point. He calls our president a tyrant, Sen. McConnell an obstructionist, Justice Kavanaugh a sexist and Sen. Collins, who has stood her entire career for the rule of law and the people of Maine, an enabler. To what end does The Forecaster print such baseless and fraudulent charges?

Moonbeam maintains that Sarah Gideon would be a breath of fresh air. If one likes the smell of rotten eggs she would be. Every give-away program Democrats could think up would be supported by this woman.

Lastly, Sen. Collins’ voting record is exemplary. It took great courage to support judicial nominations in the face of the hysterical lies being sold by the lynch mob in the Senate. Susan stands head and shoulders above Democrat leader (Chuck) Schumer, who recently stood in front of our Supreme Court and hurled bodily harm threats at justices. Appalling! We now have a Senator who characterizes the best in America and deserves unconditional reelection.

Rep. Richard “Dick“ Pickett
House District 116, Canton, Dixfield, Hartford, Mexico and Peru