A Lyman man was arrested Wednesday morning after he assaulted two people and then used kerosene and a blowtorch in an attempt to set fire to the house where the disturbance took place, Maine State Police say.

Joshua Ellis, 21, was charged with attempted arson and aggravated domestic violence assault, the state police said in a news release posted on the department’s Facebook page.

Joshua Ellis Photo courtesy Maine State Police

State troopers responded to a residence in Lyman, no address was given, around 10:30 a.m. to investigate a report of a domestic disturbance. Investigators determined that Ellis assaulted a relative as well as second person inside the home.

Police also say that Ellis went into a nearby garage and emerged with kerosene and a blowtorch. Ellis doused the door to the home with kerosene, but was unable to get a fire started with the blowtorch. State police said Ellis proceeded to smash out a window in the garage and caused additional property damage before he was arrested.

Ellis was being held without bail at the York County Jail on Wednesday evening.


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