I am a lifelong independent voter, and moving from Massachusetts, a heavily democratic state, up to Maine was refreshing. I felt like I could support the elected officials who I most felt benefited the country rather than the party to which they belonged. For decades I respected Susan Collins, and believed that she had the best interests of working Mainers at heart. I saw her as a true representative of Maine, an independent who puts people over parties. However, over the past three years she has consistently failed to show courage by refusing to stand up to the pressures of the Republican Party. And this is especially evident now as we face the coronavirus crisis. But taking stock of what she did even before the pandemic began is important, too.

Instead of cutting taxes for working people, she voted with her fellow Republicans and gave corporations billions in tax breaks. When Brett Kavanaugh was credibly accused of sexual assault, Susan Collins towed the party line, and voted to confirm him to the Supreme Court, where he will likely reside for the next 30 years or more. During the impeachment hearings, Collins voted to acquit President Trump, despite complaining about his “improper” actions. After the vote, the Senator stated that she believed the President had “learned his lesson”. And now, with coronavirus, she’s going along with Mitch McConnell to give corporations, who already aren’t paying taxes, another handout while working people suffer.

This is not the Susan Collins I voted for, and I frankly feel betrayed by her actions. The Senator’s actions have been indistinguishable from Mitch McConnell’s and despite being “disappointed” in President Trump, she overwhelmingly votes for his proposals and nominees. Actions speak louder than words, and Collins has shown that for all her posturing, she’s not listening to Mainers. She is just another partisan Republican in line with the Trump agenda.

Deirdre Sullivan,


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