Has anyone else taken note of just how fast the bottom dropped out of President Trump’s “greatest economy ever”?

For the worst part of four years we’ve heard him crow about the unprecedented strength of the economy and stock market his policies and tax cuts gifted us.

Now, barely two weeks into nationwide COVID-19-related restrictions on commerce, especially the service sector, things are bad. Really, really, bad. Trump is now pushing desperately for cash payments and massive corporate bailouts in the trillions of dollars.
Two weeks? That’s all it took?

It looks like Donald Trump’s “strongest economy ever” is more like the chiseled boxer who struts his way to the ring looking unstoppable and promptly crumples to the canvas after the first glancing blow – exposed as a glass-jawed fraud.
Fake news? No, try fake prosperity.

I hope all those reading this, who voted for the game-show-host-who-plays-a-billionaire-on-TV, now understand fully the difference between reality TV and plain old reality.

Jeremy Smith

Old Orchard Beach

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