I am retired Navy, with 27 years total service, active and reserve. There is a good chance I will be faced with a layoff soon, so I checked on the unemployment compensation I might expect to receive and was told this because I receive retirement pay:

“If you are receiving disability retirement pay or military retirement pay, this will impact the amount of your unemployment check. Your unemployment benefits will be reduced based on the amount of your pay. For every $1 you receive in your retirement pay, your unemployment benefits will be reduced by $1. In some cases this will mean that, even though you are technically eligible for unemployment compensation, you won’t receive any after your benefit amount has been reduced by the amount of your retirement pay from the military.”

This is not fair to veterans, who stepped up when our country needed us. Now it seems the country is turning its back on us in our time of need.

Daniel Smith

retired aviation structural mechanic 1st class, U.S. Navy Reserve (Training and Administration of the Reserve)

South Berwick

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