Tiffany Eisenhauer’s long-awaited appearance on the television game show “Jeopardy!” started well – she was the first contestant with a correct answer – but she wound up with only $1 after missing the Final Jeopardy clue about a classic American novel.

Tiffany Eisenhauer of Freeport, seen with host Alex Trebek, appeared on “Jeopardy!” Thursday night. Photo courtesy of Jeopardy Productions, Inc.

Felicity Fletcher, a screenwriter from Studio City, California, won the show that aired Thursday night on Portland’s ABC affiliate, WMTW-TV, by amassing a total of $15,200. She was the only contestant to correctly identify “The Sun Also Rises” as the 1926 novel set partly in Spain with a character based on Lady Duff Twysden, a British socialite.

Eisenhauer, who first auditioned for the show in 2002, is a 45-year-old physician assistant from Freeport. She provided the correct questions for 14 of the show’s answers and after the initial round took the lead with $4,000. Fletcher entered the second round with only $800 and the defending champion, Hemant Mehta, a blogger from Naperville, Illinois, had $2,600.

The second round ended with Mehta in the lead at $9,400, Fletcher next at $7,600 and Eisenhauer third at $6,000. Eisenhauer wagered $5,999 and wrote “What is A Farewell to Arms”? That correctly identified the author, Ernest Hemingway, but not the novel.

Mehta incorrectly guessed an F. Scott Fitzgerald novel, “The Great Gatsby,” and was left with $3,599.

Thursday’s show was taped in January in Los Angeles. The audience included Eisenhauer’s husband, son, nephew and her 83-year-old mother. Shortly before leaving for California, Eisenhauer saw Old Orchard Beach bartender Dennis Coffey win three games on “Jeopardy!” and depart with more than $52,000.

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