How do you trust a man who knew in January that there was a serious medical problem coming and did nothing? How do you support someone who, along with his Republican allies and Fox News for weeks afterward, essentially labeled the virus a Democratic “hoax“? How do you trust someone who said there was no pandemic?

For what reason has our leader delayed using his authority to accelerate the production of critical protective gear that every hospital, emergency services and caregivers need? Why does our president blame all his failures on previous presidents and expect us to believe him? Why does our president, in the midst of a national crisis, ever say, “I don’t take responsibility”?

How do we support a man who cannot take responsibility for his mistakes and failures? We need a Churchillian leader who encourages and leads us and extols the need to address this crisis as a country. We do not need finger pointing, name calling and fourth-grade conduct.

Through failed leadership, he bankrupted six businesses with his best management practices. Is the USA becoming his seventh and most significant bankruptcy?

Why has he not chosen David Petraeus or another general whose job is leading 500,000 men and women in the military? They understand large-scale logistics, which they operate every day. It is not in his skillset and apparently never will be.

He was unfit in January 2017 and is unfit in April 2020. He should get out of the way of people who know how to lead!

David Hyde


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