Re: “Another View: U.S. must follow U.K. on COVID-19 safety” (March 28, Page A8):

I find it disappointing that your editorial staff would print an editorial from The Baltimore Sun and choose to highlight a quote from that editorial that blatantly suggests that Christians value money over human lives. That simply is not true. The one-liners that support this far-reaching claim do not tell an accurate story.

What perplexes me most is the lack of insight or critical thinking that would produce an editorial such as this. To paint Christians in such a misleading way, with such a wide brush, reminds me of the thought process of a middle-schooler who we would all hope would be compassionately and intellectually enlightened, instead of an editorial staff who we hope would hold themselves to a higher standard.

Why do the media use this world disaster to smear people? How does that help anyone? While The Baltimore Sun seems to favor diversity and multiculturalism, they quickly pigeonholed and labeled Christians. Isn’t labeling people what we are all fighting against? Is bigotry OK against some groups? Is this their progress? I encourage The Baltimore Sun, as they write to legitimize and affirm the value of certain groups of people, to not then label, minimize and devalue others that they may feel are not as worthy.

But if classifying Christians with a wide brush they must, the only accurate stroke they can make is that we as Christians are all very imperfect and understand our need for a savior. It’s really that simple.

Deborah Delp


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