Captain Brett Crozier, skipper of the nuclear carrier U.S.S. Theodore Roosevelt, was relieved this week from his command for warning the nation publicly of the Coronavirus crisis on his ship.

As a Navy veteran, I know that this means his career is ruined and over. He was in line for promotion to Admiral (that is automatic for a nuclear carrier captain), and now he will be cashiered in disgrace and forced to resign. He clearly knew that this would happen, and he proceeded notwithstanding. That is the definition of courage under fire in my book.

In this perilous time, we need more people to “speak truth to power” and do the right thing even when the consequences will be serious.

This is also true of every medical provider who is working to care for coronavirus patients at the risk of their own health. Thank you for your service! Your nation owes you a huge debt.

David Wakelin

South Portland

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