Our democracy can survive only if the people have a safe, secure method for voting, especially during this crisis.

Five states currently use “voting at home” statewide: Colorado, Hawaii, Oregon, Washington state and Utah. Sixteen other states provide it for some counties or local elections. Since 2000 (according to MIT Election Lab and Pew Research data cited by the National Vote At Home Institute), more than a quarter of a billion votes have been cast via ballots delivered directly to the voter.

These states have proved that voting from home consistently increases turnout and saves money. It is the most secure way to vote, with a paper trail that can’t be electronically hacked.

Let’s not have another crisis in November. This is a nonpartisan issue. Call our congressional delegation and ask them to support the bill sponsored by Sens. Ron Wyden and Amy Klobuchar that allows voting by mail nationwide.

Kim Matthews


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