Grateful for Bath’s attempt to stem rabies spread

I, for one, applaud the city of Bath for making an effort to protect their residents from rabies. If the predator was a human being, every effort would be made to catch and remove that person from the community. To me, the fact that the predator is an animal does not give him the right to terrorize the neighborhood. I’ve lived in the south end of Bath for over 50 years and have never had this problem before. If opponents to trapping are concerned about what is “happening in our own backyard,” perhaps they should experience this epidemic first hand, where you have to look both ways before stepping out of your door and carry pepper spray with you whenever you leave the house, and can’t let your kids or dogs play outdoors for fear of being attacked. If euthanasia is the issue, perhaps these naysayers would be willing to have these animals trapped and released in their own backyard. To the Bath City Council, I say – thanks for trying.

Bonnie McDonald,

Vote Gideon

Sara Gideon has served in the Maine State House since 2012 and is currently in her second term as popular House speaker. This November, Mainers have a game-changing opportunity to unseat Susan Collins by electing Sara to the U.S. Senate bringing people- centered governance back to Washington. If elected, Gideon would be one of only four Democrats needed to regain Democratic control of the Senate thus ending the disastrous reign of Mitch McConnell as Senate leader.

Collins, an unprincipled Trump sycophant, has repeatedly deceived her constituents. For example, she enjoys casting herself as a moderate to attract votes from Democrats and Independents in Maine only to show her true allegiance by voting 90% of the time with McConnell/Trump when in Washington.

In September 2018, Collins’ contentious deciding vote confirming Kavanaugh for the US Supreme Court had Fox News reporting McConnell’s statement: “for that, she will be well funded, I can assure you.” And she has been.

Collins accepted $1.4 million from the drug and insurance industry and lavish campaign contributions from the Texas oil and gas industry. Collins voted for Trump picks Secretary of Education, Betsy DeVos, and many unfit federal judges. Collins voted to defund Planned Parenthood while describing herself in favor of women’s reproductive rights. She talks the talk but does not walk the walk. Collins is a loyalist foot soldier for McConnell/Trump. She can no longer be trusted. Collins is a problem that only Mainers can fix.

Mainers can hold Collins to account by electing Gideon. Gideon received endorsements from the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee and Emily’s List just one day after jumping into the race. Gideon has a proven track record in Augusta as a supporter of worker’s rights, women’s rights and the environment. Gideon is a principled promoter of renewable energy initiatives aimed toward developing a clean energy economy that protects Maine’s environment and provides high paying jobs. Most importantly Gideon can be trusted to honestly represent the interests of Mainers in Washington. Let us seize this opportunity to move Gideon from the Maine House of Representatives to the U.S. Senate in November.

Patricia M. Hendrickson,

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