Re: “Letter to the editor: Bernie supporters have a big decision ahead” (April 12, Page D3):

Bernie Sanders supporters have an easy choice in the upcoming election. Bernie is a senator. He has already introduced his “Medicare for All” bill in the Senate, where Majority Leader Mitch McConnell refused to put it to a vote.

If Democrats win just three seats in the Senate – which is a real possibility – then McConnell will be out and the Senate will vote on Medicare for All. With a majority Democratic Senate, it would be likely to pass. President Biden would sign it into law, but President Trump would veto it. If the bill were vetoed, it would require at least 60 senators to override the veto, which would never happen under President Trump.

In short, with President Biden, Bernie can continue to introduce bills and, if they pass, Biden will sign them. The best way to get Bernie’s program passed is with Democrats controlling the government. So, no matter what you believe about Joe Biden, if you support Bernie’s program, you should not throw away your vote. Vote Biden and U.S. Senate candidate Sara Gideon.

Sigrid Olson

Cape Elizabeth

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