Resident Richard Andreasen works on his lawn, with his mower “Susan,” behind him. Chance Viles / The Forecaster

FALMOUTH — An educational program that aims to teach residents about healthy lawn care habits is being launched next month.

Living Lawns coincides with a recently approved ordinance that requires for-profit sole proprietors and businesses that use pesticides or fertilizers to register before the materials are applied.

“Not understanding the health and needs of soil can lead to unnecessary applications of pesticides and fertilizers which, in turn, can be detrimental to nearby waterbodies” people, pets and wildlife, Falmouth Energy and Sustainability Coordinator Kimberly Darling said.

“The change is good, people should take the best care of their lawns,” Falmouth resident Richard Andreasen said while working on his lawn Tuesday morning.

Living Lawns is being launched over the next several weeks beginning in early May, when the town will post healthy lawn care tips and tricks, including requests for lawn care providers, seasonal growing advice and soil care on the Town of Falmouth, Maine Facebook page. The newsletter will also be available at the town’s website,, at the beginning of each month, under Falmouth Focus.

Tips include setting mower blades to 3 inches and leaving the clippings. Cutting grass high allows roots to develop and leaving the clippings provides lawns with a free source of fertilizer as well as topdressing by spreading a thin layer of compost over the lawn. Compost will add organic matter and increase soil depth.

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