We are facing the worst political-social-medical event in our lives. In the beginning of January, if you had told me this pandemic would happen, I would have received the news doubtfully. Just as it was hard to imagine the pandemic, it is also hard to imagine the difficulties of climate change.

We are at the cusp of another difficult time. Hopefully, if we plan and pay attention to it, we can mitigate its effects on all of us.

This week, we are celebrating Earth Day. It is the 50th celebration of this event. We have accomplished some things. Lower gas mileage, less air pollution, more working together.

But so much more needs to be accomplished for us to avoid the kind of disruption of public life that we have now. Flooding on both coasts, a return to air pollution, loss of animal habitat.

We have an opportunity now to change the possibility of another public difficulty. Now is the time to educate ourselves about the possible ways to mitigate climate change.

The best thing we can do now is pay attention. What are the candidates for Congress and president saying about climate change? What are their plans? In honor of Earth Day, make a decision that you will find out. Your vote is important.

Jill Standish,

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