Sen. Angus King would dare accuse the president of “dereliction of duty“! Where has he been the last eight years as our pandemic stockpile has deteriorated – uncharacteristically quiet? I would accuse our entire Congress of malpractice.

As a longtime employee, now retired, of Portsmouth Naval Shipyard, I was routinely trained on the requirements of my job related to honesty and compliance with my work requirements.

Inherent in that training was a warning that if I failed to comply with requirements, I could be charged with malpractice and lose my job! (Note that this work involved ensuring that our submariners could go to sea confident in the safety and operational capability of their submarine, so they could do their assigned job of protecting us without concern for the reliability of their submarine.)

Yes, we made mistakes, but we had a safety program in place to find and correct them before they caused a failure and loss of life.

It would be wonderful if our Congress had that same focus in this pandemic – saving the lives, health, safety and economic well-being of the citizens of this United States. Instead, they are in a political battle to focus on how we can make the other guy look bad. And, unfortunately, our media have that same focus. Our Congress and our media should, respectively, be recalled and fired for malpractice.

Daniel J. Rooney


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