So, the payroll stimulus was usurped before it reached the small businesses that were touted as being the recipients of this great taxpayer largesse.

Then, we discover the truth beneath this additional burden upon those of us that do pay taxes: corporations with multiple businesses all over the place (I wonder if they pay taxes to begin with), and giants like Harvard University, which sits on a $40 billion endowment, were the real recipients. And Sen. Susan Collins gleefully let us know that she worked so hard with both parties to get it passed.

Now, with the truth revealed, we noticed that Collins’ unending ads have changed. She gets her hair done (really!), puts on bright colors and thanks Maine companies like Abbott Labs and L.L. Bean, Maine companies that stepped up to the plate and, further, “she approves this message.”

Here is what I am seeing: Susan Collins trying to get us to believe that she worked to save these Maine companies and small businesses is like Donald Trump signing his big signature to the checks that we are expected to receive so we think that the money came from him. Do they honestly believe we are drinking their Kool-Aid? Well, I, for one, get up real early in the morning …

Loretta M. Turner


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