Who would have ever thought we would:

• be told to stay home from work or school and be unhappy about it?

• walk into a grocery store wearing a mask and not have someone call the police?

• repeatedly not find toilet paper on grocery store shelves?

• get a roll of toilet paper with a take-out order and be happy about it?

• see pleasantly low gasoline prices and be unable to take advantage of them?

• drive miles without seeing another car?

• think of getting the mail as the highlight of the day?

Strange activities now seem normal, and we’re beginning to take them for granted. But we should also reflect on, and more fully appreciate, things we previously took for granted, such as: trash pick-up; mail and package delivery and the people who send those things to us; neighbors checking on neighbors; the supply chain that grows, packs and delivers food to our grocery stores; out-front and behind-the-scenes workers in all sorts of “essential” services and those who have stepped up to repurpose their efforts or volunteer for the benefit of others; and of course emergency and health care personnel.

All of these people are risking their well-being to ensure ours. Thank someone today, from the required distance or with a written note. And continue to extend this simple but thoughtful gesture even after the current crisis passes.

Rita Brown


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