During the Great Pause of 2020, the people from three towns, one community bordering the windswept Maine seashore stepped up to support each other, showing courage, ingenuity, and compassion. Some remained at their stations despite the risks, providing medical care or food, gasoline or safety. Others sewed masks, delivered groceries, made lunches, or signs of encouragement. Some reimagined new ways to deliver lobsters or sermons.

We rediscovered family meals and jigsaw puzzles; we remembered the wonders of nature; we realized what matters most. The creators of “These Are the Times,” a community video, honors the heroes and helpers in Arundel, Kennebunk and Kennebunkport.

The video was created by Jennifer Comeau and Dean Trondle from almost 200 photos around the community with help and support from Community Outreach Services, Kennebunk Rotary, Portside Rotary and the Chamber of Commerce, as well as the dozens of people who submitted photographs and videos. And one young girl, 14-year-old, Zoe McMann, lent her beautiful illustration of a hurt girl cradling a hurt world, which truly captures this moment in time.

Here are the links to the video, available on both YouTube and Facebook. Or, visit www.jennifercomeau.com and www.coskennebunks.org.