Staying healthy at home for a month or two is doable. The coronavirus caught the world off guard. Hospitals, state and the federal government require time to get a handle on what exactly to do about it. There is no quick fix.

People need to put food on their tables. While staying at home may protect us from coronavirus, the longer it goes on the more unintended consequences we will face, many of which are not good. A check for $1,200 apiece sure helps a lot of people, but for how long?

People with no income pay no state or federal income taxes. Both state and the federal government are funded by those very taxes. With so many now unemployed, state and federal income is greatly reduced. Maine is not a wealthy state to begin with and needs those tax dollars as badly as most residents need those paychecks.

With elective surgeries being put off, many with minor ailments that could easily be addressed will find that the delay in medical care caused serious health issues. How many people are afraid to go to their doctors’ office for things other than coronavirus?

Gov. Mills must find a way to get Maine up and running again safely, the sooner the better. Until then, we must endure. We must also remain positive. Although the best and the brightest are working diligently on treatments and vaccines. It is unrealistic to think that we can hide from coronavirus until which time we have a resolution. We must find a happy medium to the conundrum.

Catherine Ferrell


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