Anyone who comes across an article of clothing that says “One size fit all” knows it usually isn’t true. Yet Gov. Mills seems to think we can use one solution to Maine’s COVID-19 situation. There are counties in Maine that do not have any active cases of the virus and where no one has died. Yet these places are locked down.

We were told that the purpose of our previous stay at home was to flatten the curve. A comparison of the dire predictions to the current results indicates that we have not only flattened the curve but also smashed it. Keeping the slow plan of Gov. Mills will slow the economy without changing the results of the virus.

We need to remember that the medical professionals, while highly trained, are not omniscient. They make predictions but aren’t perfectly accurate. They have been rather pessimistic so far. We have not had nearly the dire response predicted.

COVID Gov. Mills needs to be far more aggressive in reopening Maine. The “stay at home” order should be lifted. Areas with no active cases should be allowed to open with no restrictions. Areas with active cases can open but need to follow social distancing. We need to move forward.

Summer is a big season for many businesses, and we are holding them back. Many events are outside and many pass the germs along at a slower rate. Gov. Mills is a politician, which is unfortunate, because we need a leader.

David Newton


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