After the sad news of the poultry processing plant workers testing positive for COVID, maybe Gov. Mills better rethink opening Maine too soon. The numbers are starting to go up.

Those of us on Social Security need Gov. Mills to contact Sen. Susan Collins, and the president needs to get a CARES Act going for us seniors.

I am 74, worked 55 years, retired a year and half ago and am trying to make house payments on my home with all the prices of everything going up. My Social Security is only $950 a month. I’ve had to humble myself and get food stamps, go to food banks, shovel my own deck and driveway. My deck is caving in and I have no funds to fix it, and the price of food keeps climbing.

I went to the Inland Hospital clinic before Easter and was terribly sick for two weeks. The next Friday, I went to MaineGeneral Medical Center to get tested for COVID-19.

They treated me well, gave me a chest X-ray and told me I either had a mild case of it or I was exposed to it but they could not test me as supplies were low and reserved for severe cases only. I also was diagnosed with walking pneumonia and given antibiotics. Based on this, I believe the numbers of people with COVID must be much higher than they are reporting.

Seniors need help and shouldn’t come last. And our health care workers need supplies.

Cecile A. Thiboutot

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