As a retired social worker, I have spent a good part of my life attending to the mental and physical health and well-being of fellow Maine residents. Those on the frontline during today’s health pandemic deserve our praise and admiration.

But with the news of hospitals furloughing workers and folks losing insurance due to unemployment and having to deal with the COVID virus affecting hundreds of thousands, it is obvious that we need more than just dedicated workers to ensure our health. We also need bold policy. That is why I write today to encourage Mainers to look closely at what political candidates are offering when it comes to making health care more affordable and accessible for all.

The Democratic Party has stood up for everyday Mainers and embraced expansion of affordable health care, through Medicare for All or some other expansion of government-supported health care. On the other hand, the Republicans don’t care about this. Sen. Susan Collins has voted against the Affordable Care Act over 20 times and supported a Mitch McConnell-brokered bill that left tens of thousands of Maine workers at large companies without paid sick leave.

In Maine, we have benefited from the bold leadership of Gov. Mills, a Democrat, who expanded Medicaid as one of the first acts of her tenure. She is supportive of improving health care, as are other leading Democrats like Senate President Troy Jackson and Speaker Sara Gideon.

This November, pay attention to where candidates stand on health care, and vote for Democrats.

Gerry Greenberg

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