I am a cancer patient being treated three times a month at a local oncology center. Aside from going for a walk on non-rainy days, this is the only time I leave my house.

I do really feel for the people who need to return to work. And I pray that there will be a safe and healthy plan for their return. I especially pray that the federal and state governments will get all their systems working so these people can get the money they have been promised. As an aside, I wonder why all the big corporations were paid first. Was that the intention of the bills that were passed? Huge steakhouse chains, and the NBA? Really?

I am asking that Mainers follow the guidelines set out by the governor. Please wear masks. Please keep your distance. You are not being brave while walking around in groups unprotected. You are putting all the rest of us in jeopardy.

Let’s ease into this reopening. And take into account all the people who are going through this crazy time. I would love to go to a coffee shop and sit on the beach with my husband and be with my grandchildren. We just can’t do it yet. We don’t need an uptick in cases. We are all in this together. Let’s show respect!

In closing, I am extremely grateful for all the first responders, doctors and nurses who are showing up every day. I would be lost without them.

Linda Wagner


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