For those who believe in science and statistics, consider these: The population of Cumberland County is 300,000. Deaths from the coronavirus in this county total 27, over a two-month period as of May 3. If you live in this county, your chances of dying from the virus are, at present, one in 11,000. Think about that.

In Cumberland County, there were 636 deaths from cancer in 2017, or 106 deaths over a two-month period. If you live in this county, your chances of dying from cancer are one in 2,800. That’s four times greater than dying from the virus, yet it is the virus we fear. We don’t live our lives consumed with a fear of cancer because the odds are greatly in our favor. Though the virus is a contagion, its deadly numbers do not come close to other diseases that invade our daily lives.

Areas with extremely high population density, as New York City, have a different set of statistics to consider. Restrictions for Maine need not be the same as for New York. While taking precautions, we need to realize that “one size does not fit all.”

Do I think we should have quarantined? Yes, it kept the numbers at bay. Do I think we need to continue to quarantine? No, we now know the risk is minimal.

Perhaps it is time to consider the statistics, to step away from the fear and begin our return to normal.

Pamela Brant


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