People are restless. And justifiably so. Gov. Janet Mills has arbitrarily painted the COVID-19 situation, here in Maine, with way too broad a brush.

Maine is, with few exceptions, a rural state. Therefore, you can’t view places like Oxford County and Cumberland County the same way. However, that’s exactly what Mills does.

In a state of 1.3 million, there have been 63 deaths related to the virus. Approximately 60 percent of those have occurred in nursing, rehab or other health care facilities, populated, primarily, with senior citizens. That leaves about 20 or so other fatalities, mostly affecting other seniors. A sad statistic indeed, but an extremely important one, vis-a-vis the rest of Maine’s population.

Janet Mills seems to have dug her heels in on her rigid pronouncements.

The citizens of Maine have had enough. The movement toward increasing civil disobedience is growing daily.

Janet Mills needs to step back, and use common sense – now!

Dennis Gervais


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