Having been a bed-and-breakfast owner in Maine, and having many friends in that and related tourist-dependent businesses, such as restaurants, inns and charter boats, I strongly feel that Gov. Mills should rethink the plan for our state to require two weeks of quarantine for out-of-state visitors, effective on July 1!

I say this with all due respect to our governor, understanding what she’s trying to avoid. However, given the proliferation of antibody tests on the market, and the promises of increased testing availability for the active virus, there must be another way.

Understand, the alternative is to see the mass destruction of these businesses, as it’s not just a matter of a not-so-hot year! Aside from certificates of positive antibodies, many other businesses are using such prophylactics as daily body temperature scans. Certainly, social distancing in dining rooms, and ramped-up cleaning requirements, would be part of any such “opening up” for these vital members of our communities.

Many folks who work in and own these businesses will not only become wards of the state otherwise, but many also risk losing their physical assets (in many cases, everything they have). This will cascade into Maine’s community banks and their liquidity (who hold their mortgages).

Aside from fishing, this is largely all of the businesses there are on our coast! We need to find a way to allow in their patrons from out of state.

Scott Gile
Orrs Island

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