This is not the time for RSU5 to be asking for yet another budget increase. Experts say that the financial impact of the shut down will be felt across this state and country for several years. Many of our neighbors have used all their savings and our now having to get in line for food just so they can feed their children. The state has spent most of the reserve account, and their revenue stream has been shut off. We know that to make up that money we will see higher taxes.

It is time for the residents of RSU5 district to stand up to the school board and say “no!” The spending plan is up 3.62 percent over current spending and would raise taxes another 4.36%. Call or email the board members. You can find their emails and phone numbers by going to Click on boards and policy tab. Then click on their name. Let them know that enough is enough.

On May 27 the RSU5 board will conduct a public budget meeting. It is scheduled to be held at the high school. It may have to be done by zoom. The web site should have information. This is your opportunity to have your voice heard and to vote down this budget.

Joyce Veilleux

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