Since Nova Scotia’s “Bluenosers” and “down east Mainahs” have so much in common, I feel somewhat entitled to write this letter to my Yankee brethren.

As far back as the War of 1812, the truth was that New England and the future Maritime provinces didn’t want anything to do with that war because of close familial and economic ties. We both love seafood. Our industries and coastline are practically identical. We talk the same; “finest kind,” “wicked good,” “from away,” and many other examples. Best of all, we share and love candlepin bowling.

Now, why I feel obligated to write this letter: 2016. Didn’t Trump get the one available electoral college vote from Maine? We, up here, and across Canada are begging that “the Donald” not be given another term as president. Everyone on the planet knows how much of a mistake that would be. Please Americans, don’t let that happen. Please.
That’s it. Be safe neighbours.

John McMillan
Dartmouth, Nova Scotia

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