David Newton misses the point in his May 2 letter (“One size fits all  COVID rules wrong for Maine”).

He states “we have not had nearly the dire response predicted” from the corona virus. The results aren’t as dire as predicted because of the stay at home order issued by the governor. Without that, it’s highly likely the counties without any cases would have many cases of the virus by now, and cases elsewhere in the state would have skyrocketed.

Of course medical professionals aren’t omniscient, but they’re relying on science and public health expertise, not hunches.

The paradox is that if we are impatient and insist on hastening the opening of our economy, we give the virus the upper hand. The virus will have the last say, not us.

If you define leadership as being able to inspire and bring out the best in people, Gov. Mills is demonstrating that in spades. In spite of the small numbers protesting, the vast majority of Mainers support the governor’s and Dr Shah’s leadership during this crisis and are finding ways to help their neighbors and their communities. Those stories are heartwarming and are helping to sustain all of us.

Mary Ann Larson

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