All these weeks later, can anyone still remember the original reason for the stay-at-home orders? It was for two things: to prevent hospitals from getting overrun, and to give time to research this new virus. That’s why the federal government’s original name for their initiative was “15 days to slow the spread” – not stop the spread, or end it.

We prevented the hospitals from getting overwhelmed. We did not turn into Italy with gurneys in the hallways. So now those who still push for total or near-total lockdowns are moving the goalposts: We should wait to open back up until there’s no new cases, or no new deaths, or until there’s a vaccine, they say. In other words, they want to stay locked down with no end in sight.

We have forgotten that the same number of people will get infected. And as long as hospitals do not get overrun (mission accomplished), the same number of people will die. This does not mean that we should go back out willy-nilly. It means that we should pay attention to the data and the science (the altar call of lockdown advocates) and get our nation going again.

James Rudolph


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