The median income for Maine families for many years has moved little. With inflation, one could say the line is flat and runs behind the national figures. Interesting figures in light of the fact that our senators – Susan Collins and Angus King – are each multimillionaires. And getting richer!

With election time nearing, advertisements ad nauseam extolling just what the candidate has done for us seem to imply that – in this case – Collins went beyond expectations to secure partial contract work for Bath Iron Works or funds for smaller businesses and families. She was out there really fighting for us!

What should our expectations be for an employee (we pay her) making $200,000 per year plus benefits? Can anyone truly itemize exactly what she has done for $200,000 per year? For truly us alone? Absolutely no downside for her. If she loses, she still earns tens of thousands of dollars a year – for life.

So, our incomes flatline, and Collins (our employee) gets richer!

If I always do what I always did, I will always get what I always got!

Sydney Duck


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