PORTLAND — Factory 3, a makerspace at 115 Saint James St., has transitioned its business model to move from a brick-and-mortar place where makers can create to a source of online instruction during the coronavirus pandemic.

In collaboration with technical experts, as well as local artists and artisans, Factory 3 is offering online courses in creative writing, introduction to 3D printing, technical drawing, robot drawing and drawing with symbols. An additional art therapy class is planned.

Classes, which are free to members and available to members of the public for a fee, provide an opportunity for temporarily unemployed people to expand their skills in a different area.

“Even though we are physically isolated from each other, I am doing everything I can to keep us connected and creating together,” said Factory 3’s director, Patrick Walker Russell.

Factory 3 opened in October and includes a wood shop, metal shop, a 3D printer and digital fabrication shop, as well as common work areas and private studios.

For more information on these online classes, visit factory3.org/classes.