In general, at age 73, there are few things in life which prompt me to leave my bed in the morning. This situation is true six days a week.

However, every Friday, I jump out of bed, blood pressure elevated, heart rate up. Why? I know John Balentine’s column will appear in The Forecaster and he will again insult my intelligence by his shallow and distorted opinions.

His column of May 8 (“Give us liberty or give us death”) was no different. Actually, if you wish to follow the logic of his column’s main thesis, of doing whatever you desire despite the consequences, you can have both liberty AND death. Local, state and national governments (of both political parties) are, for the most part, placing the lives of their citizens above commercial interests. Even though their efforts to minimize damage to the economy is not perfect and requires special and long-term attention, their procedures to mitigate the spread of COVID-19 are saving lives. To understand the feelings of the majority of Americans on this subject, Mr. Balentine should read Edgar Beem’s column of May 8 (“The selfish minority”).

So, every Friday is my day to exit my bed early – do not disappoint me, Mr. Balentine. Let me know next Friday how the liberty and death philosophy is working out for you.

John M. Mishler