Re: “Trump administration shelves CDC guide to reopening country” (May 7):

President Trump seems fixated on reopening the country, presumably because he believes it will help the economy and, therefore, his re-election bid. It is ironic, then, that he is doing anything and everything but that which will actually help the economy recover: effectively addressing the coronavirus problem. If the latter problem started to resolve, the former would come along naturally. It is the virus that is killing both the economy and us.

Disparaging science and epidemiological experts, and denying the real problem, only makes both problems worse. But the president doesn’t seem to understand that he can’t threaten or bully a virus into submission.

Only attention to reality – to the need for testing, physical distancing and contact tracing – will conquer it. Presenting manipulated or distorted information is pointless. But he would rather risk all of our lives than admit that we have a serious problem.

How sad that this is the president we have during this grave crisis, when we so desperately need responsible, compassionate, bold leadership.

Nancy O’Hagan

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