While it is proper to criticize politicians, it is important to note that Rick Savage, owner of Sunday River Brewing Co., is not responsible for the safety of the citizens of Maine. So far Gov. Mills has done a good job in regards to the safety of Mainers.

Mr. Savage is correct: It is important to reopen businesses and, it is easy to understand his points. However, if you seek far better economic performance you find it is characterized by three elements: social distancing, testing and case tracking. Of these the United States has relied mainly on social distancing, the most harmful to businesses like Mr. Savage’s.

We see these three elements repeatedly where COVID-19 is being successfully combated economically overseas. South Korea never locked down their economy! The Netherlands achieved success under the guidance of its virologist, Alex Friedrich. Germany has had noteworthy statistical success. While having a quarter the population of the United States, it has 20 percent fewer cases and 44 percent fewer deaths. All of these countries have expressed trust in their civilian, medical and scientific authorities and have taken effective action as evidenced by their results.

Mr. Savage and Fox News host Tucker Carlson accomplish the direct opposite with the broad platform they used to undermine Maine’s political, medical and scientific authorities. Travel, tourism and the leisure industries, as in Mr. Savage’s brewpub, are dependent upon Maine controlling this viral outbreak. If cases rise and we loose control of the outbreak who will want to travel to Maine in a few months when historically travel and tourism peaks in July and August?

David Jacobs
Director, The Sandy River and Rangeley Lakes Museum Railroad

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