Thank you to the Falmouth Fire-EMS, Falmouth Police and Skillins Greenhouse for going the extra mile to recognize Mary T. Honan’s birthday.

On May 6, she celebrated 95 years of life and living in Falmouth, still in the house she grew up in on Foreside Road. In these challenging times of sheltering-at-home, her family couldn’t celebrate as they typically would with a big family dinner. Since car parades seem to be the in-vogue way to be socially conscious and physically distanced, her five kids decided to plan a parade. Days before her birthday, texts, emails and phone calls went out to friends and family members. Parades often have fire trucks and police cars with horns and sirens blasting. Would that be a possibility for mom?

One email and one phone call to the fire and police departments and, being the ultimate first responders they are, enthusiastically responded, “Absolutely.” Another email went to Skillins Greenhouse to order a bouquet for the birthday girl, as well as recognizing the four-generation friendship between the families and inviting Skillins to have a truck in the parade. As noontime approached on Wednesday, May 6, not one fire truck showed up at the gathering spot at Pine Grove School, but five. Jeff Skillin arrived in his truck and a policeman helped with traffic control before getting into his cruiser to be the final vehicle in the procession. Watching from the driveway and seeing the lights of the fire trucks come up over Mill Creek Hill was a beautiful sight. “Mom, we’re having a parade – for YOU! Everyone is here FOR YOU!” More than 50 vehicles passed by her house, honking horns, blaring sirens and children young and old shouting, “Happy Birthday, Mary T!” What a day it was for a lady who is proud to be a “townie.”

Thank you, Falmouth, for honoring one of your longest-living residents.

The Honan Family

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