I write in response to the article published in the May 14 Press Herald (“Kushner backtracks after being ‘not sure’ about election date,” Page A2), by Timothy Bella of The Washington Post, reporting a senior White House adviser’s concern about whether the presidential election would happen in November.

Since early March, I’ve asked friends of all political leanings to keep an ear out for the first whisper of any such idea.

In his article, Mr. Bella reports on research concluding that the executive branch has no constitutional role in presidential elections. It is my concern that with the premature reopening of our economy and the relaxing of social distancing, we will suffer a national relapse of COVID-19 infections.

My fear is the president will use his executive power to force us all to stay home in November for our safety, and of course his own. The Constitution, our rule of law, seems not to be on the radar of this administration; they behave as if it doesn’t apply to them.

I urge all citizens to contact their state and federal officials to enact emergency legislation to ensure mail-in voting, should this pandemic threaten our electoral process in November.

Steve Ross

South Portland

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