Whoever drafted the letter from the Tourism Alliance tells us several things in the quotes reported in the Portland Press Herald:

The most salient is that the primary concern of the group is money, not the people of Maine.

The second is that the desires and comfort of visitors from out of state are of far greater importance than those of the people of Maine.

The third is that they know our very capable governor or anything about her.

Sean Riley’s suggestion, when referring to the mandated 14-day quarantine, that Mills doesn’t know the “seriousness of the impact on this state….” betrays that he has not listened to our Governor in recent weeks while she has carefully and thoughtfully sought the advice of medical experts and then, among many other steps designed to protect Maine people, ordered a 14 day quarantine for out of state people coming here. As the Press Herald correctly points out, “Quarantine is a proven epidemiological strategy to mitigate the spread of the virus.”

Another fact that seems to escape the letter writer and Mr. Riley is that we are the oldest state in the union. As everybody knows, this virus attacks and kills older people very disproportionately.

What kind of people care more about visitors having “…the safest and cleanest experience possible,” while the old and young people of Maine are put at risk by people pouring in from the virus hot spots of New York, Massachusetts and New Jersey and then vacationing in our state while we remain under a stay at home mandate?

Repairing the economy is very important, but never at the expense of the lives of the people of Maine. Visitors can be welcomed again when we have a vaccine that is available to all.

Judith Pollock


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