In the midst of the impact this COVID virus has had on us all, news from various sources bring us troubling updates that challenge our thinking, resolve, and worry about the future.

More and more there are stories of creative and positive ways people are dealing, but in many of them financial resources and stability help those folks to get by. In the back of my mind are thoughts of those who are struggling with less, especially the children. They are wondering about what has happened to the lives they knew – family, friends, school, sports and activities, and socialization just being a handful of their ongoing concerns.

Unfortunately, too many kids were already in trying situations where loneliness, boredom, and uncertainty fill their days. I know that parents and family, teachers and educators, communities, churches, caregivers, public servants, and other individuals and concerned groups are doing their best to fill the void for as long as it takes to get through this.

Something that keeps me looking forward is a belief – that we have to keep reaching within ourselves to learn from what life throws at us, and do what’s needed to still enjoy life and show charity and concern for others.

Peter Anderson

Peaks Island

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