The graffiti was found at the end of the Giant’s Stairs trail Wednesday morning. Photo courtesy of the town of Harpswell

HARPSWELL — Police are looking for help finding out who painted graffiti on Giant’s Stairs, a popular landmark and walking trail on Bailey Island known for its views of Maine’s rocky coastline.

Gina Perow, Harpswell’s recreation director, said the vandalism was discovered Wednesday morning on the rocks at the end of the 700-foot trail.

“The vandalism is not profane or vulgar, but some people took artistic liberties,” said Art Howe, Harpswell fire administrator.

The words “Riley + Nate 2020” are painted as well as other letters and symbols, including a pentagram.

Town officials are asking anyone with information to contact the town office or the Cumberland County Sheriff’s Office. Photo courtesy of the town of Harpswell.

Perow said the town plans to clean the paint off as soon as possible, but soaps and other chemical cleaners can’t be used because it would run off the rocks into the ocean. She said residents have offered to sandblast or power wash the rocks.

“We’ve had numerous offers from community members to help clean it off,” said Perow. “It would be nice to have the person who did it clean it, but I don’t think that anyone will come forward.”

“It’s very disheartening to see someone deface town property,” said Kristi Eiane, Harpswell town administrator. “It will come off, but it’s going to take a lot of work.”

Perow said she didn’t think Giant’s Stairs had been vandalized before.

“It’s a widely used space, so there’s no way to narrow down who did it,” said Perow.

Harpswell Marine Resources and Harbor Management posted photos of the graffiti on its Facebook page. They ask anyone with information about the graffiti to contract the town office or Cumberland County Sheriff’s Office.

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