I have been disappointed by the failure of many local businesses to enforce basic virus safety measures, including social distancing and mask use among customers and employees.

I’m all for reopening our economy, but if we are to regain any semblance of normal commerce, these measures have to be followed. If I don’t feel safe at a particular business because the employees and/or customers are not wearing masks, or the store is crowded, I will go elsewhere.

I don’t know why you don’t wear a mask and I don’t care. It’s a required safety measure (Gov. Mills’ executive order of April 29), and it’s very easy to follow.

I would prefer to support local businesses, but I have plenty of online and big-box purchasing options and I will use them if they are better at following safety guidelines. If you want my business, do your best to keep me safe, please. I’ll return the favor.

John Gold


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