Re: “Maine Acts of Kindness: Taking care of those on the front line of the pandemic” (March 27):

A shout-out to our community, restaurants and the Maine Medical Center staff – feed our night shift workers!

They often get the short end of the meat stick (that’s what a staff member ate for dinner tonight with hummus and pretzels). The cafeteria is open for midnight dinner from 12:30 to 1 a.m. She didn’t get the hot kind of dinner, made with love and many hands, the way the day shift workers are gratefully receiving.

As a nutrition coach, I know the importance of nourishment. It’s critical to building and maintaining physical and emotional stamina for front-line jobs. Feeding the Frontline is a stellar initiative. Unfortunately, those stepping up and filling the most undesirable shifts are the least visible (during delivery hours).

Talk of COVID-19 is quieting down as society in general gets bored with and tired of talking about it, wishing we could act like it’s not a problem. But the virus isn’t getting better – it’s getting worse in terms of hospitalizations and health care workers

I thank my community, participating restaurants and hospital management for feeding the front line. Label bags of burgers and trays of lasagna “night shift” – we’ll all be better for it.

Marcie Goldman

Wise Woman Nutrition


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