We are experiencing a Trumpian version of Chernobyl. Harsh, you say? Not even close, you say? We have recorded over 100,000 deaths in five months and that number is growing. This administration was warned in January by intelligence services that a major pandemic was possible.

He and his Party labeled it a “Democratic hoax.” It was just the flu and would be gone in a few days. In March, he claimed that he knew it was a pandemic all along when the number of deaths started climbing. Dismissing the advice of the scientists, he claimed that he instinctively knew more about what to do. He suggested sunlight and Lysol as cures for the virus. It is like sending chaff into the air to confuse a missile attack. Republican leaders supported him in his claims about the severity of the virus. And more Americans started dying.

This president refuses to wear a mask during meetings or factory tours. Is that modeling leadership behavior or his own vanity? In April, the number of COVID-19 cases started to rise quickly and his Administration scrambled to give answers and chose very selectively to which states they would give equipment. And more people were dying.

This president, his sons and his Party are more concerned about the stock market and its health than they are about “their” people. He wants to return to rallies more than finding a vaccine. His most significant statement during this time: “I am not responsible.” And more Americans are dying!

David Hyde


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