It is obviously important to hear women’s voices on the issue of sexual harassment. I totally agree with Edgar Allen Beem’s piece, “Do we really have to believe all women?” (Forecaster, May 5, 2020)  My answer is, No.
Tara Reade accused Joe Biden of sexually assaulting her many years ago.  My question to her would be why she has waited until very recently to come forth with these charges.  Why not when Biden was Barak Obama’s choice for vice-president and one heartbeat away from the presidency?  Additionally, Reade was a vocal supporter of Bernie Sanders and waited until he dropped out of the race to bring her charges against Biden.
Women have been victims of unwanted sexual assaults from men for centuries. The “Me Too” movement has been effective in exposing a few prominent men. Yet every accusation is not true, and innocent men suffer when that happens. Case in point:  Al Franken, who was railroaded from the Senate without even being allowed a fair hearing.
Beem provides good food for thought in this column.
Barbara Doughty