I am a Maine Democrat and I am alarmed and saddened at recent developments at the federal level. Because of extreme Republican regressive policies, we have an embarrassing and unnecessary national pandemic emergency, our standing on the world stage is deteriorating daily and climate and environmental catastrophe is upon us. And because of the Republican wealth-centered tax breaks, our everyday citizens – especially minorities and working poor – are struggling and debt ridden.

Sen. Susan Collins has been a good steward for Maine in the past, but in the last three years that shepherding and moderation have given way to an increasing acquiescence to an ever-more-extreme reckless Republican agenda, and deference to a president who seems more and more to be nothing more then a power-grabbing huckster.

Because of this hard right turn of Collins’ Republican Party, she was apparently forced to choose: to follow her party’s lead in order to maintain their support and those votes, or she could have chosen to stick to principles and abandon this extreme positioning, and even her party if necessary.

Unfortunately, Collins apparently chose to stay with that Donald Trump-Mitch McConnell strategy. So, we caring citizens of Maine now feel a deep and urgent need to stop this dangerous agenda in the Republican-led Senate and, by our vote, help change the Senate to a more progressive-led and, I believe, more equitable and thoughtful body.

I am sorry Collins chose not to help us in this effort.

Michael Thompson


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