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Graduate spotlight

“What others might justly call ‘hardship,’ Aimee Ishimwe calls ‘excuses.’ And with a humble strength, Aimee tells me (and the world): ‘I don’t let excuses effect what I want.’ Aimee has been separated from her father and five siblings in Rwanda since January 2018; it’s not safe to return. In May 2018, she had to leave the prestigious religious school, which led her to Kentucky (and America), for Portland, Maine when her mother’s health, her mother’s newborn and a lack of money took precedence. Last winter she had to find a way to stay at our school when her mom and baby sister needed to move an hour way. And through all of this, Aimee Ishimwe has been an outstanding scholar. Aimee was at the top of her class in two Rwandan boarding schools. She’s earned a 3.8 GPA at two disparate, rigorous American high schools. She also has developed into a delightful, moral and astounding human. …”

Derek Pierce, Principal

Top 12 scholars (summa cum laude)

Alexis Bellas

David Botana

Oliver Compton

Lucia Daranyi

Elsa DiGiovanni

Ella Ferguson

Simon Hale

Aimee Ishimwe

Sadie Johnson-Ouillette

Siri Pierce

Issac Tabb

Eli Zelonish

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