I do not understand the timing that Gov. Mills has used, yet again, in her decision making about reopening our state.

It seemed that hair salons, etc., were scheduled to reopen and then suddenly allowed to open within two to three days earlier which resulted in salons not being fully prepared. Campgrounds were not to open until June 1; then, suddenly they were allowed to open Memorial Day weekend, again, probably leaving some campgrounds unprepared.

But last Wednesday’s decision to not allow dine-in restaurants to open on June 1, as scheduled, takes the cake. I assume many of those owners have hired staff, ordered food and beverages and put in long hours to prepare their restaurants to meet all safety precautions, and then are given a delay within several days of openings.

Our local restaurants are suffering enough without having the rug pulled out from under them at the very last minute when they have gone forward in good faith and spent more money that they do not have.

Obviously keeping people safe and healthy is paramount, but to make so many changes at the very last minute makes me wonder about the ability of our state leaders to lead! We are all stressed enough without having directives and their dates changing so seemingly haphazardly.

Connie Caron

Old Orchard Beach

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