Yet another heinous act by President Trump that we have never witnessed from any other president: the firing of five inspectors general.

Steve Linick was the fifth inspector general to be fired in a short time. This is a disturbing abuse of power. Yes, the president has the right to remove an inspector general from office, but has he offered any reasonable, credible evidence to warrant such an extreme act? No, he has not.

Instead of demanding an explanation from President Trump, Sen. Susan Collins tweeted a fluff piece. In response, President Trump called her out on Twitter. So, as always, Sen. Collins pulled her classic “I am concerned” line.

We no longer believe Sen. Collins when she says “I am concerned.” Her stated “concern” lacks substance and backbone when it is never coupled with action. Americans, Mainers, want and need action from her. If she’s truly concerned about the president’s firing of inspectors general, then she should do something about it. She was elected to take action – not to be a bystander to the president’s abuse of his authority.

Inspectors general hold administrations accountable. They promote justice. They provide the American public with a sense of security and honesty. When the inspector general is lost, all of that is gone. So, where is Sen. Collins’ action and her outrage?

Lisa Blier


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