As a nurse and mother of four, I am paying special attention to candidates’ stances on health care in advance of the July primary. Never in our lifetimes has health care, and Mainers’ access to it, been such an important issue as it is right now.

Voters must pay close attention to who we elect to make decisions in Augusta about our health care. Heather Abbott is the clear choice to make health care accessible and affordable for all Mainers. She is a strong advocate for public health, and is invested in seeing a future where Mainers can access medical providers without the fear of how they will pay their medical bills. Emergency room health care is by far more expensive.

Please join me in voting for Heather Abbott for House District 47 in the July 14 Democratic primary. Yarmouth, Long Island and Chebeague will be in good hands with her amplifying our voice in Augusta.

Elizabeth Burrows


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