Q: Can I come to Maine without quarantining for 14 days?

A: Yes. As of July 1, out-of-state residents will not be subject to a quarantine IF they sign a certificate indicating that they have tested negative for COVID-19 within 72 hours of arrival. They may be asked to provide proof of test results.

Q: Should I get tested at home or when I come to Maine?

A: Maine officials are requesting that visitors get tested in their home state so that if they are positive, they can make arrangements not to come.

Q: Where will these certificates be signed?

A: Lodging facilities, including hotels, campgrounds, seasonal rentals and others, will all be asking out-of-state patrons to sign certificates indicating they have tested negative. Those certificates will be held with each facility for inspection by state officials as needed but will not be kept in a central database.


Q: Does the negative testing requirement apply to visitors coming from all states?

A: No. Residents of New Hampshire and Vermont – two states that have kept their COVID-19 caseloads low – will not be subject to any requirements. They can travel freely through the state immediately and can check into lodging establishments beginning June 12. Other states of origin could exempted in the future.

Q: Once I sign a certificate, am I free to travel anywhere within the state?

A: Yes, although there are still guidelines for physical distancing in stores, restaurants and other places and for wearing face coverings where physical distancing is a challenge. Additionally, out-of-state visitors will see increased checks for symptoms are various businesses and locations.

Q: How will the new policy be enforced?

A: Some onus is on lodging facilities. If they don’t require out-of-state visitors to sign certificates, they will be in violation of an executive order and subject to penalty. Similarly, if out-of-state visitors sign a certificate indicating a negative test but haven’t actually gotten a test, they would be in violation. Gov. Janet Mills said Monday she hopes everyone will want to comply in the interest of public safety.

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